This license applies to the free photo resources made available for download on 35mm.

  1. You may use the photos/graphics in any number of personal and commercial projects for yourself or a client. This means, you can use it on websites, books, magazines, apps, printed materials, etc.
  2. You may modify the photos to meet your requirements.
  3. Credit for the photos isn’t required, though I would highly appreciate a link back to this site.


I’m kindly asking not to resell or redistribute the photos on another website (competing website or otherwise) without asking.

Copyright & Trademark Notice!

This is very important, so please read through it carefully.

The photos are free to be downloaded and used for commercial or non-commercial purposes. However there are some limitations due to copyrighted or trademarked items that may be featured in the photos.

Many of the photos featured for free will include people, products, and services that can be subject to privacy, trademark, and copyright infringement.

Best Practice Guideline: Avoid using photos in a manner that will negatively impact an individual or company/brand.

  1. Brands: If you are planning on using a photo that contains a branded or trademarked item (example: iPhone) for commercial purposes, it’s important the commercial item/service you are promoting should not hint it’s someway associated with the branded or trademarked item.
  2. People: If the photo/graphic contains people’s faces, it still can be used for personal or commercial use, as long as it’s not harmful to the individual.

In summary, use your common sense!

Avoid using photos in content that can be damaging to individual(s) or brands. This means, avoid using photos in an inappropriate content including but not limited to endorsement of product/service,  hate speech, racism, etc.

Other Content

All other content including written text, images, diagrams, sounds or texts in other electronic forms are subject to copyright. If you would like to use any of the other content from our site for your own purposes (i.e. blog, print, website, app, classroom, etc), please get in touch with us.